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Why I am experiencing problems managing my account?

Note: These directions are for Internet Explorer users;

To begin, review the settings for any adware removal programs to ensure that they have not added to their “restricted” or “not trustworthy” sites section. These include Spybot Search and Destroy, Adaware, Mcafee Site Adviser, and others. Please remove 7search from these sections.

Next, check your browser settings to ensure that is not included in its "restricted" section.
• Internet Explorer (IE) - Make sure that is not listed in the "Restricted Sites" section under Internet Options->Security tab.
1) Right click on the IE icon and select the "properties" option
2) Click on the "privacy" tab and select advanced
3) Place a check in the "Override automatic cookie handling" box and select 'ok'
4) Click on the "Security" tab and choose the red restricted sites icon
5) Remove from your restricted sites and click 'ok'
6) Add to your trusted sites and attempt to login

• Firefox Browser – Review the "Cookies Exception" list in your browser

You must restart your computer for the changes to go into effect. Once this is done you can attempt to login.

Note: Be sure that you are attempting to login as an advertiser and not as an affiliate.

For Spybot Search and Destroy you should review the recently added “Browser Helper Object” in the Tools menu to remove from their block list. Also, if you have ever “immunized” using Spybot it is likely that it created a bad hosts file and added thousands of domains into your Restricted Sites zone. 7Search is on that list.

The best way to resolve these issues is to reverse the “immunization” of your Spybot Search and Destroy. There is a button in SpyBot to "undo the immunization". This will restore your access to its pre-immunization level.

Since SpyBot adds literally thousands of domains it is very hard to find 7Search on the list. We have a special FAQ that provides instructions and a tool on how to remove ALL restricted sites. It is located at .

Note: Even if you have uninstalled SpyBot in the past, the bad hosts file and restricted sites remain on your computer. Reinstall Spybot and "undo the immunization" to resolve.

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