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Why am I repeatedly seeing the Invalid Graphic Security Code message?

If repeatedly seeing the "Invalid graphic security code" message when attempting to register or login, please check the following:

  • If using any adware removal programs (e.g. Spybot Search & Destroy), please make sure they did not add [] to the Restricted Sites list. (Learn how to remove all sites from the Restricted Zone)
  • Browser cookies must be enabled and not blocked by any personal firewall
  • Make sure that [] is not listed in the "Restricted Sites" under Internet Options->Security tab of Internet Explorer and not in the "Cookies Exception" list in FireFox.
  • In Internet Explorer: Add [] to the "Trusted sites" zone under Tools->Internet Options->Security->Trusted sites->[click Sites]->[type]->[click Add]
  • In FireFox: Add [] to the "Allowed Cookie Exceptions" list under Tools->Options->Security->Exceptions->[type]->[click Allow]



- If you are using Google Chrome as your browser and you are not seeing the Captcha security code, check to make sure that the AdBlocker extension is disabled in your settings.

To DISABLE the AdBlocker feature follow these steps:

1. Go to your Chrome menu and select the SETTINGS option.

2. From the settings tab, select EXTENSIONS.

3. Look for the AdBlocker extension and un-check the 'Enabled' mode.

(If AdBlocker does not appear, then this does not apply to you.)


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