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Why Am I Not Getting Conversions?

There may be several reasons why your campaigns are not converting. Review the following areas of your campaigns to determine if adjustments are needed:

  • · Keywords: Are your keywords relevant to the content shown on your site? The use of irrelevant keywords will drive untargeted traffic and clicks that will not convert.

  • · Bidding: Are you bidding competitively? Make sure that you are bidding as close to the SmartBid amount as your budget will allow. This will help expose your ad to a much larger audience increasing your chances of obtaining conversions.

  • · Ad Title/Description: Is your ad title and description properly constructed? Make sure that your ad title is sending the right message to your target audience. Check for misspellings and other grammatical errors that may be costing you conversions.

  • · Offer Type: Consider testing other offers that may perform better for you. I have attached a list of the top performing verticals on the 7search network for you to consider.  

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Last update: 2013-12-04 18:44
Author: 7Search Client Support
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