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What is this New “Visibility” Column in my PPC Account?

Thanks to feedback from our users, 7Search has added a new “Visibility” column (formerly Status column) to the campaign Manage Keywords page.  This column provides users with at-a-glance feedback regarding their visibility on the 7Search network.

Notifications will include:

  • Poor – will appear when a keyword occupies a position with limited exposure to our partners.
  • Average – will appear when a keyword occupies a position with medium exposure to our partner network.
  • Low – indicates a keyword that would benefit from an increased bid to a more competitive rate.


Where are the flag markers?

The position flag markers are now visible in the “Rank” column and will continue to serve as a visual indicator of keyword positioning.

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Last update: 2014-11-19 15:50
Author: 7Search Client Support
Revision: 1.4

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