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How do I use the SubID Bid Overrides and Blocks Feature?

The SubID Bid Overrides and Blocks feature allows advertisers to improve campaign performance by adjusting their bids for individual sources on our affiliate network.  The updated feature now allows advertisers to increase bids, decrease bids, or block traffic sources altogether.  Unfortunately, whitelisting traffic sources is not available to advertisers at this time.

To get started, you will first need to call Customer Support (1-800-577-1165) and request that the RID Block feature be ENABLED in your account.  

Once the RID Block feature has been enabled, you (or your webmaster) should add the following insert to your existing tracking URLs:


So, for example, the following URL: could become

Once your team has analyzed your ad performance, they may determine that some sources perform better or worse than others.  The SubID Bid Overrides and Blocks feature will allow you to adjust bids to reflect the traffic source performance, rather than blocking the source entirely.  For example, this can help you to “win” greater exposure and more traffic from sources that perform well for you by adding a Bid Override to increase your bid for those sources.

To access the SubID Bid Overrides and Blocks section of the account, please follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Tools section within your account.

Step 2:  Click on the SubID Bid Overrides and Blocks link.

Step 3:  Click the Add New SubID Override / Block SubIDs link, select your specific campaign from the drop down menu (if desired), and enter the SubIDs you wish to add in the text box, one per line.

  • Note that the RID number may be at least a 2 part entry (ex. 12345-4567x) and often contains 3 parts (ex. 12345-6789x-12Qz)

Step 4:  Now, you can select the Bid Override that you would like for the source(s).  You can choose to increase your bid up to 500%, or decrease your bid up to 90%.  This Bid Override will apply only when your ads are shown for those specific sources.  All other sources will continue to receive your original bid.

You also have the option to block sources, but we recommend that you consider adjusting your bid whenever possible rather than blocking sources entirely.

Step 5: The Bid Override currently implemented within your account can be “Searched” and “Deleted” in bulk using the check boxes.

**Important** We strongly recommend that you only block poor converting sources that have provided a statistically significant (100+ clicks) amount of traffic to your campaigns.  Our system only supports a finite number of blocks, and blocking sources that have not provided a statistically significant sample of traffic may have a negative overall effect on the amount of traffic received by your offers.

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