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Why does my tracking show a different total number of clicks than my 7Search stats?

Click Discrepancies between 7Search dashboard & Google Analytics

Some common issues that can lead to discrepancies in "click" totals are:

For example, if a 7search surfer is redirected to your web site and the page does not fully load, a click will register in your 7Search account. It may not, however, be tallied by your analytics package.

Advertisers who use Java based conversion tracking analytics may experience different "click" totals than what is reported in their 7Search stats. The accuracy of the data provided by a Java-based tracking program can be affected by the settings of the visitors to their website. Visitors who have Java disabled on their computer also will not register as a "click" in java based analytics.

PPC Analytic programs may also utilize different criteria, including a “time on site” or “2 click” model for counting clicks which can cause totals to differ from 7Search. 7Search "clicks" are parsed by our system with no other scripts, including Java, involved. They are registered at the moment the click occurs regardless of the factors presented above.

Please understand that the only way you can verify that a click did reach your site is by checking your raw server logs (not data from a third party analytics package, such as Google Analytics). It may be possible that these clicks are reaching your site, but are not being tracked by your analytics.


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