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What does it mean to bid on categories?

AccessoryAds advertisers select categories of websites where they want their listings to appear. By bidding for placement within a category, your ad will be reaching potential consumers when they are reading or browsing content on our network of affiliate websites.

Our publishers/affiliates select categories describing their website and your ad is shown to the affiliate "ad zones" that match the categories you bid for. Please note that the listings you create need to be in the top 5 positions in order to appear on affiliate sites (the various ad formats show at most the top five ads).

While advertisers can only bid for categories that are relevant to their websites (for example: adult sites can only bid for adult categories) the relationship does not have to be direct. An average person should quickly understand however why your ad is shown on a particular website.

For example, if you sell "flowers", you can bid on category "Shopping: Gifts" since people visiting a "Gift" related website may also be interested in buying flowers.

The advantage of the AccessoryAds method, is that similar to TV channels, our categories let you target your ad to a preferred audience and pay for clicks from our network of publisher sites.

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