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What is the Campaign Daily Budget and why is it sometimes exceeded?

Campaign Daily Budget is the approximate amount you're willing to spend on a specific 7Search Campaign each day. Your ads will typically stop showing for that day once your daily budget is met, so a higher budget may allow your ad to be shown more often throughout the day.



Using the Daily Budget feature is NOT an exact stopping mechanism.  It is based on perimeters,

EXAMPLE:  You set your daily budget to $5.00 and your campaign has spent $4.75.  If your bids are higher than $0.75 you will go over budget.

Also, because has over 1000 active Affiliates, it is possible that multiple Affiliates will display your ads causing you daily budget to exceed. 

We recommend that you maintain enough funds in your account so your exceeding of your budgets does not cause your account to go into a negative balance.

Have you activated the Auto Recharge feature?  (Click the Billing tab on your account dashboard.)


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