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How to "optimally" use the Manage Keywords page?

  • You can edit the keywords as a "group", by selecting them using the check boxes and clicking the "Edit" button.
  • You can use the "Filter by:" feature to find a set of keywords and use the "Edit" button to update this set to include a "custom title, description, and/or destination URL". For example, you can quickly find all keywords that contain the word "green", select them all, click "Edit" and provide a custom landing page (destination) URL for this group -
  • You can sort the keywords by clicking on the underline column headings: Keyword, Your Bid, Searches per Month, Clicks, Cost, and Conversions.
  • You can use the filter (located on the top-right side of the table) to narrow down the list by: keyword contains, bid is at least, bid is at most, custom title contains, custom description contains, custom destination URL contains.
  • You can change the date range for the statistics (clicks, cost, conversions), by clicking on underlined date range (or calendar icon) located on the top-right side.

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Last update: 2012-07-09 18:53
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