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I funded my account and I am not receiving clicks. What can I do to increase exposure?

We are dedicated to your site becoming a success, and would like to review a few common advertiser issues we see that may help your site get to the next level:

Is your title and/or description enticing to a potential customer?

It is important to be very aggressive with your advertising. Display your best offers and sales in your title and description to entice surfers to visit your web site.

Does your account contain keywords with a low volume of monthly searches? provides a keyword suggestion tool that will assist advertisers in locating search terms with a higher volume of monthly searches. This keyword suggestion tool is located within every advertiser’s account, and is a great way to select the highest volume keywords to increase your internet exposure. It can be found in the “Add Keywords” link in the 'Campaigns' tab within your account. The higher you are ranked on our listings the better the chance your site will generate traffic.

Are your keyword bids proportionate to your desired outcome?

When bidding on lower volume keywords it is beneficial to bid for the top positioning when affordable. Low volume keywords are generally very specific but generate little traffic across our network. The benefit of these targeted keywords is that potential clients are more likely to purchase from you if they click on your site. Positioning is important.

For higher volume keywords, (10,000 + searches), a top five bid is recommended, although bidding for top position is ideal where affordable. You may also notice that these terms tend to provide “Smart Bid” amounts.

Are you taking advantage of the “Smart Bid”?

The “Smart Bid” feature allows advertisers the opportunity to place their bids at a rate that our affiliates request to post their ads on their networks. With well over 1 billion searches a month on and its networks, you can see why the “Smart Bid” is a good idea to increase exposure.

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