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How do I view my traffic reports?

  1. Enter your Username and password and select 'Login.'
  2. Click on the ‘Reports’ button on your Dashboard
  3. Select "Daily Totals Report"  
    You also have these reporting options available:
    Daily (or Weekly/Monthly) Report - shows total clicks, total cost, average CPC, and average keyword position during the specified time frame for all sites in your account. You can also "drill down" on a specific site and view click totals and average positions per keyword for that particular site.
    Keywords Report  - shows you how many times a particular keyword was clicked and how much money it used up during the specified time frame. This includes keywords from all of your websites.
    Campaign Report  - shows total daily clicks and cost per site.
    Billing History Report - shows dates, transaction ids, amounts, and transaction types of credit card transactions during the specified time frame.
    Download Keywords new

    "Download Keywords" lets you download a ZIP file of your 7Search keywords (for all or specific campaigns) in Excel (CSV) format. For your convenience, the format of this Excel spreadsheet is the same as the one used for "uploading" keywords

          Destination URLs Report - shows clicks and cost data during the specified time frame for all campaigns or specific campaign grouped by the "Destination URL".

           Campaigns and Keywords Report - shows clicks and cost data during the specified time frame grouped by campaign and keyword.


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