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What Does 7Search Do To Prevent Online Fraud?

7Search takes the issue of fraud detection seriously, for your benefit and ours. We monitor your site in near "real time" and we take extra precautions to ensure the quality of our traffic.

As you may know, when your listings are in the top three positions, your site will receive much more exposure as it is more readily available to the large network of 7Search affiliate partners. When consumers search for any of your keywords using one of these search partners or portal sites, you have the opportunity to receive that targeted traffic. Popular search terms plus high bids can generate some unique search patterns, so in addition to our efforts, make sure you regularly monitor your account activity and notify us of any unusual traffic.

While our system validates each click to make sure you only pay once for the same visitor, our Client Services staff analyzes several other traffic-related ratios and indices to determine whether the activity within your account is reason to be suspect. We look at a great deal of information including:

1) IP addresses, 2) user session information, 3) user cookie information, 4) the network to which an IP belongs, 5) the search term requested by the user, 6) the time of the search and click, 7) the advertiser's rank and bid and many others.

In our effort to give you the highest return on investment (ROI), 7Search has developed a program to measure precisely the rate which visitors to your site are performing the action you want; purchasing, signing up, browsing to a specific page, etc. This program identifies which website or search engine the traffic is coming from, as well as the conversion rates of those visitors. This allows us to detect any fraud or poor quality traffic coming from our affiliate programs. To retrieve the necessary code, login to your advertiser account and select 'Learn More' from the 'Fight Fraud' column under the 'URLs' tab.'s Pledge to its Advertisers:
Since it is near impossible to detect all fraud on the part of our affiliates, a percentage of pilferage (similar to shoplifting in the retail market) is to be expected. In light of this, our pledge to you is that:

We will remain vigilant in detecting fraudulent clicks for your benefit and ours. 

Out-of-the-ordinary traffic is not compensated. Affiliate traffic is measured by independent traffic ranking methodology, similar to AC Nielsen's TV ratings, which follows a selected number of surfers' traffic. 

We will not accept any affiliate who places economic incentives for surfers to search. 

We will not allow our results to knowingly be placed in non-English speaking websites or operated from non-English speaking countries. 

7Search staff members will respond to any of your requests within four hours during our standard office hours.

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