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What Are My Bidding Options?

7Search advertisers have multiple options for bidding on their keywords.  They can:

  • Submit keywords using the same bid amount. The default bid for our keywords is $0.05 per click.
  • Use the available MakeTop™ Bdding Tool to auto-update their keyword bids to a desired level.  Users can set a maximum and minimum bid level, as well as desired position, and the MakeTop™ will automatically update their bid to $0.01 above the current bid for their desired position.  This is an excellent way to ensure that keywords maintain optimal positioning in the 7Search results. (see more here)
  • Set bids for additional keyword match types.  7search offers users the ability to set bids for Broad, Phrase, & Exact Match types for every keyword. (see more here)

Additional Questions?  Please feel free to contact 7Search Customer Support for assistance.

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