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Can I bid on plurals and misspellings? suggests that if you are bidding on singular and plural versions of a term that you wait until the change has been implemented, to see which terms remain active. For example, if the listing below appears in your account, keyword #2 would remain active because it is the primary search term, and its bid will now be $0.55.

Title: Best Cars online
Description: Visit for the best deals.

Keywords before "mapping": 
1. "Cars" with the bid of $0.55
2. "Car" with the bid of $0.45

After the change, the keywords and bids will be: 

Keywords after "mapping":
1. "Car" - $0.55

7Search gives advertisers the greatest chance of having a highly ranked listing by taking the highest bid between the un-mapped and mapped versions of a particular term.

Whether a user searched for "car" or "cars," the example site ( will be shown. Although the word "cars" is no longer within the advertiser's account, (since it is mapped to the word "car" which remains in the account) the site will appear within the results for the search term "cars".

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