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How do I add keywords and place bids?

Advertisers can add keywords on a per-campaign basis. Click on the "Campaigns" section of your account and choose the campaign you wish to add keywords to. Next, click on "Add Keywords". This will take you the keyword upload page for that campaign.

If you have a list of keywords that you would like to add using your default ad information(i.e.. the title. description, and landing page are all the same) you can use our Keywords to Add section. This section allows an advertiser to copy and paste a list of 500 or fewer keywords and upload them directly to their campaign.

If you wish to have some of your keywords display a different title, description, or landing page that differs from the default ad, we recommend you use our mass submission spreadsheet. A copy of this spreadsheet is available in the Quick Ways to Add Keywords box(#3). Advertisers can fill in the required fields and upload their spreadsheets in the same section. Please pay special attention to the column limits, as keyword submissions that exceed these set limits will not be uploaded by our system.

Advertisers can also find additional keywords for their campaign by using our Keyword Suggestion Tool. This search tool can greatly assist you in finding quality keywords to bolster your 7search campaigns. Enter a potential keyword into the search box and click "Get Suggestions". A list of related keywords will then be generated, including top 3 bids and the approximate monthly searches for those terms. You can them add these terms to your account by clicking on the "select" box and then scrolling down and selecting "Add Selected Keywords".

Click-Free(cf) keywords can also be obtained in this section. Check the "Click-Free" keywords box and search for a keyword. Any cf terms will display with their top 3 bids and monthly searches.

Keywords bids are also updated on a per-campaign basis. To access your keywords, click on the desired campaign. The click cost can be modified in the Your Bid box. Once changed click "Save Bids" to update your bid(s).

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