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How to delete the "bad" HOSTS file created by SpyBot,, hpHosts, etc.

To check if system is affected by "bad" HOSTS file, open Command Prompt (Start->Run, type "cmd", and press Enter).

In the Command Prompt window, type the following command (without quotes):


If the results return an IP address of [], you ARE affected by the "bad" HOSTS file. If the results return an IP address of [208.237.254.X], you are NOT affected by the "bad" HOSTS file.

Based on operating system, the "bad" HOSTS file will be located in the following paths:




To remove the "bad" HOSTS file:

1) Use Windows Explorer to open the folder described above (or select Start->Run, next type the path of the folder above, and press Enter).
2) Select the current HOSTS file, press F2 to rename it, and type a new name such as "HOSTS-BAD". Apply the new name by pressing Enter.
3) Download the attached empty HOSTS file (by right-clicking the "hosts" link below and selecting Save Target As) and place it in the folder described above. Make sure to name it HOSTS without any extension (e.g. hosts.txt is incorrect, it should be just hosts).

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