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Can I Create Separate Bids for Mobile Traffic?

Yes. 7Search is currently testing a bid override feature for our mobile traffic originating on both Android and iOS smartphones with full browsers. This feature will provide our advertisers with the ability to:

  1. Increase bids on mobile traffic by up to 10% - 500%
  2. Decrease bids on mobile traffic by 10% - 90%
  3. Create "mobile only" ad campaigns
  4. Turn off mobile traffic to an existing campaign (not recommended)

We strongly encourage users of this feature to consider testing less profitable mobile sources at a lower price point, rather than disabling all mobile traffic.  Blocking all mobile traffic will negatively impact both conversions and ROI for the modified campaigns.

This feature is currently in beta and will be activated for all new 7Search advertising accounts.  To activate this feature for your existing 7Search account, please email us at today.

For advertisers that have this feature activated, you can adjust your campaigns’ override bid for mobile traffic on the Edit Campaign page.

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