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Strategic Bidding at 7Search

For most keywords, the minimum bid at 7Search is $0.01 (one cent). There are some keywords, however, which have specific minimum bids - general and adult. We recommend setting starting bids for these keywords to at least $0.05 (five cents) immediately upon submitting keywords. Thousands of advertisers use the 7Search advertising system, so bidding the absolute minimum will result in little or no traffic arriving at your website. To receive the maximum amount of traffic and generate the highest number of conversions, 7Search advises to base the starting bid amount decision on the cost per lead (or inquiry) expected, based on any of your existing advertising campaigns, and then increase the bids accordingly to meet your allotted budget.

Two factors should influence bidding within the advertising system. First, 7Search utilizes what is known as an "open bidding system." This is quite different than the closed systems of other providers where bidding is done blindly (without knowing the specific amount it costs to acquire one website visitor). The result of an open bidding system is that it always knows the exact amount being paid for each visitor to your website--and more importantly, what amount you need to spend to sustain a profitable campaign.

Secondly, much of the traffic sent to ad campaigns will come from our network of partners. Since these partners combine 7Search ad listings with listings of other providers, it is recommended to set bid amounts in accordance with the SmartBid amount (available within account).

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