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What are Manual Retroactive Credit Backs?

In order to help 7Search advertisers gain a better understanding of adjustments made to accounts due to routine traffic quality reviews, 7Search is now displaying a sum total of credit backs that have significantly affected the advertiser's account balance.

Three important points to remember when viewing this information:

1. This figure will ONLY be shown when credit backs have significantly affected advertiser accounts during the previous 30 days. Small adjustments are made to all advertiser accounts on an ongoing basis, but are not necessarily reflected here.

2. This figure is a summary number. It may include clicks that were credited back for different reasons, or from different traffic sources.

3. This figure does NOT represent "fraudulent clicks". A credit back can also be issued for clicks that do not meet our standards for good quality traffic, but were not necessarily generated in a fraudulent way.

We hope that this information will provide advertisers with more insight into the ongoing work done by the 7Search Traffic Quality Team to ensure that they (our advertisers) receive the highest quality clicks possible.

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Last update: 2012-05-24 17:07
Author: 7Search Client Support
Revision: 1.8

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