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How does 7Search protect me (the advertiser) against Click Fraud?

7Search has many security measures in place to protect advertisers against continuous clicks that can run the accounts dry.

All traffic across our affiliate network is subjected to automated checks, as well as manual reviews by the Fraud Prevention Team. Whenever fraudulent clicks are detected, the Fraud Prevention Team will block the source of the traffic from our affiliate network. In addition, our advertisers will receive a credit for any clicks they may have been received from that source.

All websites are subject to approval. Pay-Per-Text™ advertising must be approved by to ensure it does not encourage multiple clicks.

7Search employs traffic and condition counters and ratios to compare the number of click-throughs received to other sites. Advertiser accounts are only deducted once if the same surfer clicks and visits the website more than once. If more than five visits by a visitor are generated to the same site, we will completely credit the account and debit the affiliate account.

All Affiliates are warned that mechanically-generated traffic or traffic generated purposely with the intent to gain additional exposure are grounds for forfeiture of any amount due to them and their accounts' cancellation.

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Last update: 2012-05-24 16:12
Author: 7Search Fraud Prevention Team
Revision: 1.9

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