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What is the Network Bid?

The majority of traffic provided to our clients is driven by the search engines, portals, privately owned websites, and AccessoryAds™ partners that constitute our Network.  7search now provides our advertisers with a recommended Network Bid to quickly maximize their ad's exposure on the network.

Where Does This Bid Come From? Our top traffic partners provide us with bid data for each keyword they query. This data is then analyzed and formulated to provide our advertisers with strong starting bid to position their offers for maximum network traffic.

Are these bids exact? No. This keyword bid data provided by our publishers change throughout the day. While these bids are an excellent starting point for ad campaigns, we suggest that advertisers approach their bidding strategies with the intent of determining "How much am I willing to pay for a visit?" for each keyword in their campaign.

Do I have to bid this amount to receive traffic? It is possible for keywords to receive quality traffic with bids lower than the Network Bid amount; it is also possible to receive increased performance bidding higher than the Network Bid. Each individual publisher in our network sets has minimum bid requirements for serving an ad to their audience.  The Network Bid provides an effective starting point to capture more of those audiences for your campaign.

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