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What Are The Available Match Types?

7Search advertisers can bid on 3 different keyword matching types:

1.) Exact Match: This is the most targeted matching option. An Exact Match Keyword will only be displayed when the searched term matches the keyword exactly. Since most search queries consist of multiple terms, this matching option can severely limit the exposure your ad receives. 

Example: If your keyword Laptop Computer is set to Exact match, your ad would only appear if the surfer searches for Laptop Computer. It would not appear for searches like Apple Laptop Computer or Laptop Computer Sale.  To appear for these queries, consider our next match type, Phrase Match.


2.) Phrase Match (default): This matching option will display your listing when a search query includes your keywords in the exact order provided, even if searched in combination with other words. 

Example: The Phrase Match keyword "Bahamas vacation" would be displayed for the searched terms "spring Bahamas vacation" and "cheap Bahamas vacation rate", but not for the searched terms "Bahamas cruise vacation" or "vacation Bahamas". 

3.) Broad Match (opt-in): This is the least targeted matching option. Broad Match keywords are displayed when a surfer searches for a term that contains your keywords, in any sequential order.  For best results, consider limiting the use of Broad Match to single keywords, as every word in the keyword phrase may be considered for matching purposes

 Example: The Broad Match keyword "football Arizona" could be displayed for searched terms such as "football players from Arizona", "Arizona Cardinals football team", and "Arizona football jersey". 


NOTE: If you notice any unexpected issues with your Keyword Match Type settings, please let us know by contacting 

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