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How Can I Improve Volume to My Display Campaigns?

The 7Search Display Network offers marketers access to a unique publisher based geared toward delivering traffic that converts.  If your current campaigns are not receiving significant traffic, please review the following suggestions to help increase activity.
  • Review your Traffic Network Targeting settings– This should be set to “all networks” in order to be eligible to receive maximum traffic.  Selecting “partner network” will only deliver traffic from publishers we buy traffic from.  We are not buying traffic from outside sources at this time.
  • Verify that the banner links are currently working.  Broken links mean no measurable traffic is being delivered to your offer pages.
  • Add more keywords – Our Publishers can add descriptive keywords as possible tags for their websites.  Advertisers who share these keywords have an increased likelihood of being shown on a relevant site, so we encourage you to add as many relevant terms as possible.
  • Advertise on as many relevant Channels as possible – All Publisher sites are also tagged with relevant channels, and advertisers who share them have an increased likelihood of getting more traffic from those sites.
  • Consider increasing the number of active banners – Run as many banner sizes as you have available to increase exposure on our network.
  • Review your campaign Geo Settings – Are you targeting a small town or single city for your offer?  Consider broadening your geographic target in order to increase exposure.
  • Consider Run of Network (RON) – The Run of Network option will make your offer eligible to appear on all publisher websites.  Please note that campaigns for gambling, Pharmacy, dating, and mature content sites will not be considered for RON. Run of Network must be approved by client support.
  • Test new ad types – Try our full page Pop Under and Interstitial Ad offerings to receive traffic to your ads from a different group of publishers than those serving banners. 

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