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How Can I Enable Retargeting in My Display Account?

To enable Retargeting for your 7Search Display Advertising campaign, please follow these 4 easy steps:
  1. Enter your campaign and click on Re-Targeting link found in the Listing section.
  2. Note that Retargeting is set to "off" by default.  Enter a bid amount (depending on your campaign type) and click the Enable button.
  3. A new section will open where you can enter the domain you will be retargeting from (yours).  Click the Generate Button.
  4. This will create an Include & Exclude pixel.  Place the include pixel on those pages that you want to leave a cookie from (like the Shopping cart page).  The exclude pixel should be placed on those pages that you do not want to drop a cookie on (like the completed sale page).


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Last update: 2014-01-14 20:58
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