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7Search Affiliate Program Rules and Guidelines

7Search's top priority is delivering the highest quality traffic to 7Search advertisers.

Failure to Comply
It is agreed that if not compliant with any of the policies listed herein, your 7Search affiliate account will be deactivated and all click revenue will be credited back to the advertisers and debited from your account.

Site Content
  • Site cannot include any illegal content.
  • Site must be fully functional, easy to navigate, and cannot contain any broken links.
  • Must own unique domain name (no free web hosting sites).
  • Website, and all web pages containing 7Search ad code, must be written in English and owned by a company located in a country where the official language is English with the exception of western European countries.
  • All websites that participate in any of the 7Search affiliate programs are subject to approval by 7Search. 7Search reserves the right to immediately stop providing the service to an affiliate for any reason whatsoever.

Invalid or Fraudulent Clicks
It is strictly forbidden to generate any artificial and/or fraudulent clicks. Some examples of fraudulent clicks include but are not limited to: repeated manual clicks, clicking with the intent to make money, clicks that produce inadequate conversions for the advertisers, incentivized clicks, clicks produced using robots/hitbots and/or other automated clicking utilities.

Including any incentives for users to click on the 7Search ads is not allowed. The web pages cannot contain phrases such as "support us", "visit these links", "click here", or any other similar language.

Traffic Quality
  • If 7Search determines that it has received low quality, invalid, or fraudulent traffic from any affiliate, as measured by our proprietary Traffic Analysis System and manual reviews by our Traffic Quality Team, 7Search reserves the right to issue our advertisers a retroactive refund, as far back as 90 days, for that traffic.
  • 7Search Traffic Analysis system is running both in real time and intermittently. Therefore, credits and debits against your account balance maybe done at anytime.
  • A visitor must spend sufficient amount of time (e.g. not less than 20 seconds) on the advertiser's website to be counted as "valid".
  • Usually, commission is earned only for one click even though the visitor clicked on the ad multiple times.
  • If visitors originating from website visit 7Search advertiser listings too frequently (as compared to similar visitors from other sources), 7Search may credit the advertiser and debit your account entirely for those visits.
  • The vast majority of website visitors must have cookies enabled.
  • Traffic must be proportionally equal to the rest of the 7Search affiliates. Out of the ordinary traffic will not be compensated for any of the 7Search services.

Websites must provide click-through traffic that converts into sales, leads, etc. for 7Search Advertisers. Based on 7Search Advertiser feedback and other proprietary methods, 7Search will determine whether traffic is providing an acceptable, qualified number of conversions compared to similar websites.

"Test" Clicks
"Test" clicking is prohibited. You must not click, and cannot ask any of your friends/relatives/co-workers etc. to click, on the 7Search ads.

7Search does not condone the use of SPAM. Unsolicited emails generated by affiliates is grounds for permanent deactivation of the affiliate account and forfeiture of all earned commission.

Affiliate Arbitrage
In general, arbitrage is the practice of purchasing clicks from Pay Per Click Search Engines at a low cost per click for the sole purpose of redirecting those clicks to higher cost Pay Per Click listings. Using arbitrage to generate clicks on 7Search listings often results in traffic that is below our traffic quality standards.
In order to protect our advertisers, and to ensure they receive only the highest quality traffic possible, please be aware of the following:
  • Affiliates are strongly discouraged from using paid advertising to drive traffic to pages that show 7Search ads in order to earn revenue. Those engaging in “arbitrage” as it is commonly known, risk forfeiting any generated earnings and may have their accounts permanently banned.
  • All new affiliate accounts will be monitored and reviewed by our proprietary Traffic Analysis System in order to evaluate traffic quality. During this time, your account may not earn a commission on all clicks.
  • Accounts that are found to be sending low quality traffic purchased through other PPC networks will likely NOT be compensated for this traffic.
  • 7Search will perform retroactive credit backs on traffic that does not meet our standards for traffic quality.
  • 7Search reserves the right to permanently deactivate any affiliate account that is sending traffic that is of low quality based on 7Search's proprietary traffic quality standards. These standards are often much more stringent than other PPC networks.
  • Any type of incentivized traffic (e.g. Pay-to-Read, Pay-to-Surf, etc), even if it originates from traffic purchased on another PPC network, is prohibited and will result in permanent deactivation of the affiliate account.

"Popups" and "Pop-unders"
Explicit written permission must be obtained from 7Search prior to integrating 7Search advertising listings into any type of popup or pop-under window.

Ad Placement
  • The ads must be clearly visible. The color of the page may not obscure any portion of the ads.
  • AccessoryAds cannot be placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads, whether or not the content is relevant.
  • AccessoryAds cannot be pasted into any software application, toolbar, etc.

"Auto-Displaying" or Embedding
Affiliates may not "auto-display" or embed 7Search results on their site without obtaining prior explicit written permission from 7Search.

The term "auto-displaying" describes 7Search ads that are displayed on Affiliate sites without first requiring the surfer to indicate their interest in viewing those ads. Surfers should express interest in viewing 7Search ads by either typing a search into a search box, or clicking on a text link containing the keyword. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the closing of affiliate accounts, and/or loss of earned revenue.

Appropriate Category and Keyword Selection
The chosen category must appropriately describe the content of the pages where the 7Search ad code will be used. Our editors reserve the right to change your category selection at any time. Any keywords/phrases submitted can be modified by our editors at any time and for any reason.

Code Modification
The 7Search HTML/JavaScript ad code must be pasted directly into the web page without any modification. It is not allowed to create any script (JavaScript, VBScript, etc.) that would interfere with the 7Search ad code or its tracking. The code may not be altered for any reason without prior written permission from 7Search.

Disclosure of Sub-Affiliates
In order to protect our advertisers, affiliates may under special circumstances be required to provide 7Search a list of their sub-affiliates that are sending traffic to the 7Search advertiser listings. If a 7Search affiliate's sub-affiliate is found to be sending invalid traffic to 7Search and its advertisers, 7Search will require the affiliate to block/prevent this sub-affiliate from displaying 7Search ads. No payment will be issued for the invalid clicks.

7search will not specifically target or attempt to entice your sub-affiliates to our service. 7Search does however attempt to contact all website owners and webmasters with the intent of having the organization use our services directly. This is done through traditional promotional means.

Monetary Payment
  • An advertiser's refusal to pay (e.g. due to poor quality traffic) will result in a debit from the responsible affiliate account.
  • As mentioned above, 7Search will perform retroactive credit backs on traffic that does not meet our stringent and proprietary standards for traffic quality.
  • Payments are issued by check in U.S. dollars, monthly, to all affiliates in good standing that follow all 7Search terms and conditions if the accumulated amount is $25 or greater. If earnings do not reach $25 at the time we issue the monthly payment, the earnings due to you are rolled over for the following period until the minimum payment is reached.
  • Payment cycle: Affiliate commission checks are issued by the 15th of each month. Mailing of checks is done worldwide using the U.S. Postal System to the address provided by you. We are not responsible if the checks are cashed by the wrong individuals.
  • Upon cancellation of service, any fraction due below $5 will be forfeited. Amounts between $5.01 and $24.99 will be paid to you in the form of advertising dollars in the 7Search Advertising program.

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