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How do I participate in your Affiliate XML program.

To participate in the XML program, clients must satisfy three requirements:

1) Must be listed in the top 100,000 web sites according to

2) Must be a search engine, portal or portal type of web site, meta crawler or directory.

3) In order to protect our advertisers, clients may (under some special circumstances) be required to provide 7Search a list of their affiliate(s) generating search traffic to our advertiser(s). This helps 7search determine if a client's affiliates is generating fraudulent traffic. If a 7Search affiliate's affiliate is found to be sending fraudulent or unusual traffic to 7Search and its advertisers, 7Search will request its client ask their affiliate to remove 7Search from its pages. If the request not granted, 7search has the right to stop sending results to client accounts or stop payment of searches and/or clicks.

For more information please visit

To register for to be an XML affiliate contact Business Development at 1-800-577-1165 ext 6907.

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