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What are Mobile Search Ads?

7Search Advertisers can create standard text-based advertisements targeting mobile traffic sources (tablets excluded) by clicking the Create Campaign button found on the dashboard.

Ad Details

  • Title:  25 character maximum
  • Description:  70 character maximum
  • Display URL:  35 character maximum
  • Destination URL:  500 character maximum

Keyword bids for Desktop Search Ads can start as low as $0.01 per click, although bids for more competitive terms may start in the $0.03-$0.05 range.

Pro Tips:

Spaces between words do count towards your character limit.

Keep your Display URL clean and free of clutter (like tracking parameters) to increase surfer trust (and CTR).  Your full URL should be entered in the Destination URL field.

Make Those Characters Count:   People are hesitant to click on ads that look unprofessional or poorly constructed.  Make sure your advertisement accurately reflects the content on your landing page and conveys value to a visitor. 

Consider Using the ###KEYWORD### Macro:  This feature can be utilized in the title or description fields to increase relevance (and Click-Through Rate) with visitors.  The ###KEYWORD### macro must be entered entirely in upper case letters to function properly, and will dynamically insert the keyword that triggered your offer when shown to surfers.

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