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7Search Advertising Rules and Guidelines

This guide provides advertisers of the 7Search Pay Per Click Advertising Network with guidelines to successfully market their offers.  The criteria presented below is used for determining the validity of submitted campaigns and must be met for inclusion on our advertising platform.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in the closure of all 7Search Advertising Campaigns.

7Search Arbitrage Policy

To ensure that our search results provide relevant, useful information to Web surfers, websites featuring low quality/scraped content, or sites which offer no content outside of contextual advertising (banners/rich media ads), will not be allowed to participate in the 7Search advertising program.

For additional information regarding click arbitrage, please contact a member of the 7Search support staff.

Title and Description

* Titles and descriptions must be relevant, not only to the content of the website submitted, but to the keyword the website is listed under.

Example: If the title and description only describes "games" then you cannot submit the keyword "travel" for your site.

Advertisers are not allowed to use unique (multiple) titles, descriptions, or display URLs to advertise the same webpage.

Use of a competitor's copyright terms (Company or product name) in your title or description is strictly prohibited.

General or Specific Keywords and Site Content

* Be sure that search terms are relevant to the content on the site. Surfers who choose general terms or phrases often do so for ideas or guidance on general topics. Surfers who search for specific terms or phrases do so because they have an interest in a specific topic. 7Search evaluates your search terms to determine whether your search terms are general or specific and whether your site reflects that. Advertisers' search terms and phrases will be accepted if the above is true. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your keyword.

Example: A webmaster selling hardware tools is bidding on the search term "craftsman socket wrench” must offer craftsman socket wrenches on his site. The website would not be relevant if there was no information about the wrenches themselves. A site actually selling craftsman socket wrenches, as a product would be allowed terms such as "tools", "wrenches" or "tools for sale."

* The search terms and phrases selected must describe the website submitted and not the consumers of the product, service, or information provided.

Example: If you have a website that sells sports apparel, you may bid on "athletic apparel" but not "athlete."

* If only submitting the main or index page of website, the search terms selected must appear within three (3) clicks of the submitted page, or the advertiser must submit the URL in which the keyword/topic can be found. 7Search suggests that advertisers submit the URL in which the keyword/topic can be found for the most significant return.

* Search terms must reflect the content of the website. Inserting a search term or phrase on a website for the sole purpose of having a reference to that term or phrase is grounds for the search term and listing to be automatically deleted.

Example: An e-commerce website that promotes specialized software for lawyers and accountants might include the phrase "Perfect for Lawyers and Accountants." This, however, does not make the terms "Lawyer" or "Accountant" relevant.

* 7Search does not allow advertisers to bid on keywords related to content appearing in pop-up or pop-under windows. 


Website Interaction

Any attempts at altering the browser behavior of a visitor to your website is strictly prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to changing browser security settings, window size, forcibly downloading unwanted programs, or affecting back button functionality.  Violations of this policy will result in immediate termination of all existing advertising campaigns.

Secured pages

To ensure consumer safety, all websites requesting personal information including, but not limited to, date of birth, social security number, or drivers license/state ID must direct visitors to a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured (HTTPS) form page. E-commerce websites are required to process their sales through an HTTPS secure checkout page as well.

Summary: All pages requesting personal information must begin their URLs with https://

Illegal Content

Advertisements for illegal products, or featuring unlawful content, are not allowed on These include, but are not limited to, websites featuring child pornography, hacking websites, bestiality sex acts, illegal drugs & paraphernelia. also prohibits the advertising of pirated goods on our advertising network. A pirated good is defined as an unauthorized and complete copy of a copyrighted product, such as a movie, music or software. Attempted distribution is strictly prohibited.

Intellectual Property Guidelines (Trademark Use - Ad Copy & Keywords)

Advertising that contains content which infringes on copyrights, links to infringing content, or market products or services that enable copyright infringement by illegally circumventing copyright protection, is prohibited. will investigate any complaints and reserves the right to remove from our network any ad that violates this policy.
All members of the advertising program are responsible for ensuring that the use of keywords and ad content, including trademarks and logos, does not infringe or violate the intellectual property rights of others. will continue to investigate complaints about trademarks in advertising text but will no longer investigate complaints about trademarks used as keywords.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring their ads do not violate the trademark or other intellectual property rights of others. If a trademark owner is concerned that their trademark is being used improperly in ad text on ads served by, they should first contact the advertiser directly to address the issue. If dissatisfied with the outcome, they may contact us by completing a Customer Support Ticket. Once provided with all required information, will investigate the alleged infringement and take appropriate action. is not a mediator and encourages trademark owners to engage directly with advertisers who they believe are misusing their trademarks.

Investigations will investigate a complaint about trademark infringement in the text of a search ad found on our search results pages once all required information has been received via Customer Support Ticket submission. The investigation is designed to ensure the quality and accuracy of ads on and to help our users avoid confusion. does allow for fair use of trademarks in ad text, such as:
  • Use of a trademark by a reseller of authentic goods or services
  • Informational websites about goods or services represented by the trademark, such as product reviews
  • Ordinary dictionary use of a term
  • Comparative advertising, when supported by independent research
Please note that information concerning a complaint, including a complainant’s contact information, may be forwarded to the advertiser that is the subject of the complaint

Search engines are welcome to advertise on the 7Search Network. Search engines are recommended to bid on terms relevant to the service they provide.

Example: "Search engine", "metasearch", "search for music", "search for cars", "looking for..." etc., are all acceptable keywords.


Broader keyword phrases such as "Travel", "Games", "Chicago Cubs", "Book a Hotel" etc., will not be accepted unless the surfer is directed to a page with results targeted to these terms when clicking the offer.


Search engines that are appear incomplete, feature broken links, serve malicious or otherwise excessive advertisements, or otherwise provide a low quality experience, will not be accepted.

Adult Content

* It is strictly prohibited to promote any site(s) involving in any way, shape or form, sexually explicit acts involving humans and animals (bestiality),sexually explicit acts involving persons younger than 18 years of age (child pornography), or sexually explicit acts showing violence or rape (snuff films) on the 7Search Network. If you are uncertain whether your website violates our “adult content” policy, please review for additional details.
* Use of Non-adult keywords in adult campaigns is strictly prohibited.

* Websites containing adult oriented material must have the “Adult Oriented Website?” box checked for each campaign used to promote the given website.

* Advertisers violating these content guidelines will have their accounts suspended and be reported to the proper legal authorities.

Gaming Content

Online gaming laws vary by country.  Internet gambling websites that accept wagers from customers originating in the United States may be violating provisions of U.S. law.  You, as the 7Search advertiser, are responsible for taking appropriate measures to avoid accepting bets or wagers from users located in the U.S. or other countries where it is prohibited.

Determination of Relevancy

7Search evaluates and determines search term relevancy according to the order in which the search terms or phrases are written.

Example: "Apartment furnishings" would be relevant to a furniture store, while "furnished apartment" would be relevant to an apartment listing. Usually, search terms are not interchangeable.

"Mapping" of Keywords

Our system will automatically map common plurals of keywords.  In an event where 2 mapped keywords are submitted, only one term will be added to the campaign.  Both variants of the keyword will be considered during the search query and will drive surfers to the same set of search results.
Example: An advertiser attempts to upload Car and Cars to their campaign. Only one keyword (Car) will appear, but searches for both keywords will be shown their ad.

Please also note that keywords that have not been searched for in the 7Search Network during the previous ninety days will not be added to a campaign.

Links as Content

Web sites must provide content relevant to the chosen keyword. Web sites with hyperlinks that direct surfers to websites with relevant content are not sufficient, and as a result, your keyword will be deleted.

Example: If your website provides money management content and has a link to an Internet weather service, your site cannot be listed under the keyword "weather."

Dynamic (landing on different pages) URLs are prohibited. All URLs must be static (landing on one specific page).

Site Ownership

7Search advertisers should own the website submitted and be able to verify ownership.  Affiliate Marketers are allowed to advertise direct links to their offers, provided the link contains the marketers affiliate ID within the URL string.

7Search assumes no liability for any issues arising between Affiliate Networks and their Users related to marketing their offers.

Duplicate Keywords for Multiple Pages

No duplicate websites may appear under the same keyword. In order to maintain quality search results for our surfers, we do not allow duplicate URL listings for the same search return list.

This includes but is not limited to:

The websites with the same domain, such as and sub-page for a more targeted keyword may not both appear for the same keyword. Only one page may be displayed for each search term. Choose the most targeted page for the keyword.

Web sites may not duplicate the appearance/content of another site such as with affiliated website programs.

Promoting a Search Engine

Search engines are welcome to advertise on the 7Search Network. Search engines are recommended to bid on terms relevant to the service they provide.

Example: "Search engine", "metasearch", "search for music", "search for cars", "looking for..." etc., are all acceptable keywords. 

Broader keyword phrases such as "Travel", "Games", "Chicago Cubs", "Book a Hotel" etc., will not be accepted unless the surfer is directed to a page with results targeted to the search term that delivered the visit.

Search engines that appear incomplete, feature broken links, serve malicious or otherwise excessive advertisements, or otherwise provide a low-quality experience, will not be accepted.

Auction, Portal, and Shopping Websites

Auction, shopping, and portal websites are allowed to advertise on 7Search. However, these advertisers may only bid on keywords relevant to the content of their sites. Keywords must exactly describe the service offered.

Example: Acceptable search terms would be auction, shopping, online shopping, bidding to buy, etc. Search terms that would not be acceptable are book bag, video game, camera, etc.

eBay & Auction Sellers

Advertisers that operate their own eBay store (or similar auction sites) to sell products may bid on keywords relevant to the items being sold on their web page. 7Search surfers must be taken directly to the web page advertising the item. These Advertisers are not restricted to the search terms such as auction, shopping, online shopping, bidding to buy, etc., and may bid to appear under search terms that accurately describe the specific item being sold.

Payment Options

1. The account funding minimum for 7Search is $50.  Advertiser's may fund via credit card (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard), PayPal, personal check, Money Order, or Bank Wire Transfer.

2. Bank Wire Transfers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact customer support for additional terms and conditions.

3. does not offer Net Credit Terms at this time. 

Maximum Search Terms per Account

Advertising accounts feature a 1000 keyword limit by default. Advertisers requiring additional keyword space should contact Customer Support .  These requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Opening additional accounts to circumvent these keyword limitations is strictly prohibited & may result in the closure of all related 7search accounts.

Account Closures, Restrictions, Limitations, and Fees

* 7Search will not refund any balance less than $25 USD.  Refunds will be applied to the originating source of the transaction (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal).  7Search will not refund the balance to a different credit card or PayPal account.

* If the transaction has already expired, a refund by check may be substituted.  Account and address verification are required prior to processing.

* All promotional credits are non-refundable and will be removed (lifetime) before a refund will be issued.

Additional Notes

This guide is not an agreement between and its advertisers, nor does it limit's right to modify these Rules and Guidelines at our discretion.

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