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How to remove all sites listed in the Restricted Zone?

Software such as SpyBot,, and IE-SPYAD often add thousands of domain names to Internet Explorer's Restricted Sites list. Often, is included among these domains. If it is there, you will not be able to login into your 7Search Advertiser and/or Affiliate Account.

To remove all the domains from Internet Explorer's Restricted Sites:

Download: DelZones.inf - Right-click and select: Save Target As
To use: right-click and select: Install (no need to restart - there is no on-screen action)
Note: This will remove ALL entries in the "Trusted Zone" and "Ranges" also.

Microsoft groups both Trusted and Restricted zones in the same registry key.
To remove individual entries: Click "Sites", highlight the entry - Click Remove.

In IE7, you can use the "Reset all zones to default level" button (located under Tools->Internet Options->Security tab) to remove all sites in the Trusted and Restricted Zones.

You can also use the ZoneOut tool to more easily manage the Restricted Zones list.

If you have used the SpyBot Immunize feature, you need to "Undo" the immunization.

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